September 06, 2004

I just got back from visiting my best friend Dave, who lives in Newton,MA.I took the bus down on Saturday morning and arrived in Boston at 1:00pm. Dave and his two sons,Skyler and Leo,were told that my bus hadn't come in yet,because the driver never checked in!! So,we waited in different areas of the same terminal! Always good to start off an adventure with an adventure.... Went to Daves' apartment. Very nice..I felt right at home there.We went to an all ages show with his kids to a place called the Axis,which Dave and I knew in earlier times as a punk bar called SPIT...memories...Dave mentioned that the place looks different yet the bathrooms hadn't changed since SPIT.He was right! 3 bands played..We missed the first one..The Exits. The second band was the one that we came to see. Big D and the Kids' Table. SkaPunk!!! Excellent!!! A punk band with horns!!!!! Check em out!!! The last band,who was the headliner was RX Bandits,which although were good musicians,paled in comparison to Big D. There were some beautifully tattooed women there. One in particular caught my eye as I stood behind her,watching. She was standing by the Big D souvenir table. The dude watching the merchandise left to go and get something. I saw her put her hands over a Big D thong and snatch it off the table,stuff it in her purse,and quickly walk away! Whoah!! Busted!!! LOL.. She got away with it.. I went up to her at the end of the show and said to her.."I'll bet that Big D thong looks hot on you.." She froze. "What are you talking about??",she said. "Don't worry I said,you and I both share the same secret.Wear them in good health."

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