October 12, 2004

The perks of living in Vermont. This is a view looking through my front window.Isis is in the foreground.


Ann said...

It is so hot here that I can't imagine it being cool enough to have the leaves change. Of course, what leaves we had were all blown away by the hurricanes:(

ladydaria said...

Well, I have one question now that blogger has FINALLY decided to let me post something. (been trying for days to post and/or update). Is that your cat I see in the pic? :-) I am sorry I have missed your comments in my blogger blog until today. Thanks for your compliment to which I have finally been able to respond to, lol. Come see me at what I refer to as my "home" blog.



Lisanne said...

Hi! I'm Lisanne and surfed on in through BlogExplosion. We live in the upstate NY area, and it's so beautiful here in the fall! Gorgeous photo.