March 25, 2005

While looking through some pictures the other day,I came across these shots of The Rolling Stones that I had taken on July 4th 1978 at the Rich Stadium (now the Ralph Wilson Stadium) in Buffalo,NY.The opening acts were The Atlanta Rhythm Section,April Wine and Journey.There was a fat,drunken biker a few feet in front of me that was yelling for the Stones all throughout the other acts. When they hit the stage,where was he? Why,passed out on his blanket,of course! I can see him now,telling all his friends what a great day he had seeing the Stones! The only ones he saw were the stones just inches from his face,probably vying for space with his puke!


Pamela Erny said...

I was at that concert...great show,better memories!

Ruben said...

What a cool find!