April 09, 2005

iPope Shuffle

In honor of the passing of Pope John Paul II, Apple computer has just come out with the Special Edition iPope Shuffle. This 24k gold, with precious enamel inlays will be sure to make a bold fashion statement! Imagine dangling this beauty from your hassock. We double dare you to try and not covet this! The iPope Shuffle comes preloaded with a wide assortment of some of the worlds' most cherished hymns. It's also bluetooth and red gums compatible. When asked if it would surpass the Special Edition U2 iPod, Bono was heard to remark, "Nah,we're bigger than the Pope!" For Bono's sake, let's hope he was talking about the storage space. We all know what happened to John Lennon. One major drawback to having rushed this baby to market is the poor planning on the earbuds. Just a tad too short.


Abby Taylor said...

haha!! Very original... love it.

hooperman said...

Only a wanker could write this

Anonymous said...

Hooperman is an anorak!

NOTE: hooperman, I am having fun at your expense.
Don�t take it personal, �jerk-off�*
* the US equivalent of wanker.

For interpretation of UK slang.

Mark Alread said...

Can atheistic windows PC users play WAV files on it?

Spyder said...

Sorry,Mark. We're working on that for the next version. At the moment,PC users have to make do wth MIDI files.......:-)