May 27, 2005

Ant Farm 2005

As a child, I always wanted an ant farm. I don't know why I never did get one. I think it was for the simple reason that I didn't want to wait to have to order them through the mail. I must have thought that the ones in my own backyard weren't up to the task of farming. How foolish of me! After all, I live in Vermont. Aren't all living things here farmers at heart? After years of longing for one, I finally found the high-tech version of one of the regrets of my childhood. I immediately Jumped online and ordered one from Think Geek. Based on a shuttle mission to see the effects of zero-gravity on the behavior of ants, this contemporary ant farm has a gel instead of sand. It contains all the food and water that they need to survive. Here, you can see one of the inhabitants traveling through one of the many tunnels that they have made in the few days that i've had them. Fascinating to watch! If you have any little kids that are into life science this is definitely a great gift idea. So easy to take care of. And by the way, this time I ordered them! Fascinating... If you click here you can view a live antcam from the UK.
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Abby Taylor said...

Well that is pretty cool!

Janet said...

You have been tagged. Have fun!

¡Benjaminista! said...

I = Dying of envy!