June 03, 2005

Janet posted a pic of her first car. A Gremlin?? Wow, I remember those! They were about as ugly as the VW bug when it first came out! Which, I guess, is why I thought they were cool! Damn, thinking about first cars really makes me think of my first true car love. Here she is, the Webmobile in all her glory! A beautiful 1972 Chevelle SS. 350, 4 barrel... And yes, those ARE fuzzy dice hanging from my rear view mirror! I had air shocks in the back which I would pump up so my ass end was almost chest level. I went through a lot of rubber in this..... but enough about the back seat! Every time I would turn a corner there would usually be someone yelling, "Light em' up!" And, well, I just couldn't refuse now, could I? Memories... What's your first car?
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1 comment:

Janet said...

Your first car is definitely hotter than mine!