July 31, 2005

Every year in downtown Rutland is the Sidewalk Sales and Ethnic Festival (just in case you couldn't read the banner). Vendors come to tempt you with foods from all around the world. You can sample gastronomical delights from Mexico to Thailand. And if shopping is more your bag, the local merchants pour their inventory into the streets to create a bazaar atmosphere. There is also a lot of fun activities for the kids, varied bands, and a large swimming pool. The Samples were back this year to play to an enthusiastic crowd. The fun usually starts on a Friday morning and wraps up on Saturday night. It's always fun to walk around, especially for the fact that they close down three streets for it. If you happen to be around here next year be sure to check it out.
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Abby Taylor said...

Hey, looks and sounds fun!

Spyder said...

Yes, it definitely is!

GPV said...

Street markets!!! we have them twice a week here.
Village fairs,town's fairs in almost every city in France,people love it.