July 21, 2006

As I posted previously, I've been having a little visitor as of late. The other night while kicking back in my favorite office/computer chair, and watching TV, I noticed out of the corner of my eye that Isis (my cat) was sneaking in the living room door from my outside porch. It was at that moment I felt something move at my feet. It was Isis! Looking back at the door,I soon realized, as did Isis, that a possum was coming into the house! Isis ran after it which made it run into the house, instead of out which I would much rather have preferred. The scared intruder found its way beside my couch as my ferocious feline pounced! Acting quickly, I snatched her from the menacing jaws of that little varmint. Here's one thing that you may not know, as I didn't before this episode. Possums can release a scent gland that really reeks! It's not as bad as a skunk, but it's a really thick musky smell. Holding my struggling cat in my hands, I ran to the kitchen to get a broom to shoo it out the door. How could something that seems so easy to do suddenly go wrong?? The broom only made the thing open its toothy mouth and hiss at me! Then of course, it ran behind the TV. I wish that someone could have been filming the action because it must have been a sight! After about 10 minutes of playing the game of 'Shoo the Possum', I ended up taking the game with a final sweep to the butt. The next night the possum came back for a rematch. He made it to the side of the couch again, but after having time to have thought out strategy from the previous encounter, I moved objects in my room to form a barrier which would lead my intruder out the door. My winning time? Less than 2 minutes!! I think that I just might want to start a 'Shoo the Possum' league! Oh, and as for that smell? It dissipated very quickly.

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