July 16, 2008

I Believe.

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Anonymous said...

It's Frankly-ie .....
Well ... belief is powerful & convincing . I can create anything I want to believe in . In fact so well , that thru these eyes ....
seeing is believing .
Science & Other smarts & simples ,
arise my mind .... not to over think anymore . It's really simple & satisfying to me now .
What made "everything" here ...
can make "everything" the same as ours ..... elsewhere.
I believe we are related to each other .... as part of the cosmos .
A block of time was created ..."The Big Bang".
Then Man calls up his simple science .....to aware himself to realize , that one small element ... banged us into existence.
In short ... we are related to each other , meaning also the cosmos .
So just as a child , & me loving the old school "The Outer Limits"...... Why not ??? Life elsewhere ???