March 08, 2003

Yesterday was my final day of work. Our crew,(Joela,Paul,Loren,David,Robert and John)spent the day taking apart extruders. It actually felt good to do something different for a change. Too bad they couldn't have given me this job a while ago. Dismantling machinery..Wait a minute.... how long would a job like that have lasted!! LOL

Today Kiernan and I walked down to the old homestead at 106 Church St. We visited with Tom for about an hour. That felt good,I miss talking to him.Kiernan got to play with Kennedy before her mom had to take her to a birthday party. Speaking of Birthday parties... Kiernan and I went to Logans' 4th at the Chaffee Art Gallery. What a great place to have one. The kids were in a classroom and were able to make a crown and a dragon. A great time was had by all!!!!

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